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Nobody objected and since version 2.2 we are back to development.The timeline of discovery of Solar System planets and their natural satellites charts the progress of the discovery of new bodies over history.

The aim of this fork (not fork anymore, read further) was to bring this package up to date with latest icalendar RFC specification as part of event project which goal is to bring recurrent events to Plone.

After some thoughts we (Plone developers involved with event) send a suggestion to [email protected] take over maintaining of icalendar.

Since version 3.0 the icalendar de/serialization API is unified to use only to_ical (for writing an ical string from the internal representation) and from_ical (for parsing an ical string into the internal representation).

to_ical is now used instead of the methods ical, string, as_string and instead of string casting via __str__ and str. This change is a requirement for future Python 3 compatibility. Timezones are now fully supported in icalendar for serialization and deserialization.

We use the pytz library for timezone components of datetime instances.

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The timezone identifiers must be valid pytz respectively Olson database timezone identifiers.

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