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The dendro-chronological study includes the measurement of 152 timber samples from 16 archaeological contexts, which reflect 96 TS. In total 13 features of the present study could be dated. presence of a bark edge) have been taken as indicative for establishing absolute dated construction activity in the riverine settlement.The results were compared with previous dendrochronological studies in order to synthesize all present data. The activity can be plotted most securely between AD 644 ± 1 to tpq AD 684 ± 8, but an earlier starting date of tpq AD 561 ± 5 needs to be taken in consideration.

The aim was to determine (i) the felling dates and (ii) the geographical origin of the timber elements from the settlement by means of tree ring research.

The results from the present tree-ring study and previous ones were synthesized.

The data-set consists of 527 documented wooden elements recovered during the two campaigns of 20 and excavated from wells and revetments.

Leiden University (LU) and University Utrecht (UU) both funded the dendrochronological research; the LU as part of the post-excavation analyses and the UU in the context of the project: The Dark Age of the Lowlands in an interdisciplinary light: people, landscape and climate in the Netherlands between AD 3 (NWO, 2012-2017; grant-number 360-60-110).

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) provided an internship of a year at its Dendrochronology Laboratory where the analyses were performed.

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