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Sonia Kefi, Vincent Miele, Eric Berlow and colleagues find that an ecological network synthesizing all known interactions between species exhibits a clear pattern of organization that reflects evolutionary and ecological constraints operating in this entangled bank of species.Study of the mental replay of audio and video clips by Sebastian Michelmann, Howard Bowman and Simon Hanslmayr reveals that the phase of an 8-Hz oscillation carries a temporal code of individual visual and auditory memories.This Perspective by William Wei Lim Chin, Daniel Strech and co-authors shows that while ethics reporting on consent and approval for biospecimen research is widespread, for the majority of cases it is not meaningful; the authors make pragmatic suggestions of substantial changes needed to remedy this.Live imaging of a model intestinal microbiota by Travis Wiles, Matthew Jemielita, Raghuveer Parthasarathy and co-workers reveals that enteric neural function and peristalsis, combined with the spatial structure of microbial communities, can drive competition between bacterial species.Experiments on multiple genotypes are powerful and appropriate.Tom Little and Nick Colegrave conclude that the right experimental design depends on the question being asked.

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There is, of course, a definite knack to writing well, especially about a newsy topic.

Zika infection during pregnancy can result in microcephaly, fetal malformations, and miscarriage.

Micaela Elvira Martinez proposes reducing this risk by planning conception seasonally to align sensitive periods of gestation with the low-transmission season.

Linn Groeneveld, Peer Berg and co-authors point out that well-established domesticated animal biobanks and integrated networks harbor immense potential for great scientific advances with broad societal impacts, which are currently not being fully realized.

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Experiments on a single genotype are powerful and appropriate.

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