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Adult chat instant without registration Free live hot chat sexy women old

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What began as a simple way for military and educational researchers to communicate has developed into an international means of communicating ideas, as well as transmitting text, pictures, sound files, and even entire movies.

involves several types of activities (Abernathy, 1993) including electronic mail (e-mail), obtaining text or software from online libraries (FTP), real-time roundtable chats (IRC), mail groups (listserv, usenet groups, newsnet), and browsing gophers or World Wide Web (WWW) pages to find specific information resources and searchable databases.

ARPANET linked educational institutions and research facilities.

Users could transfer files, send e-mail, and post messages in a forum called USENET.

Later, the development of HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) allowed users to make connections from one electronic document to others by using hyperlinks.

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Such hyperlinked electronic documents (called webpages) can consist of text, pictures, and sound files.

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