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Adult chatrooms on playstation 3 dating black in america

First let me say that, just as I am not OK with it offline, I am not okay with the idea of my children talking to strangers online.But that’s exactly what happens in online gaming services like Xbox Live and Playstation Network.As soon as your child logs onto their profile or joins an online multiplayer game, they are able to communicate and compete with random people from all over the world.This ability adds replay value and social component to video games, making services like Xbox Live very attractive to children, teens and adults.

A 25-year-old member of our editorial team shared an experience he had where he received a message on Xbox Live that contained a “trade offer”: he would send 1400 Microsoft Points (their virtual currency) in exchange for nude photo of the sender’s girlfriend.

Based on his experience, people who play more online multiplayer games receive these “offers” more frequently.

It’s just a shame that most people who use it will encounter some of the worst cyberbullying you can imagine, and in some cases, online predation. And with as great a game system the Xbox 360 is, it’s super, super easy to have fun without interacting with anonymous strangers.

My 12-year-old son has an Xbox 360, and trust that I’ve been told by other “Internet safety experts” that limiting my son from playing with others “takes the fun out of it”. The reason I’m writing this article, however, is to generate awareness around the fact that cyberbullying runs rampant on online gaming services like Xbox Live.

As parents, we need to be aware of exactly what that means and the best things we can do to protect our children.

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