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the shop is the same with all the vintage wooden cabinets and marble counters. the neighborhood is booming with food stores, tons of fruit marts, very lively, plan to visit again soon. Just want to wish all my old friends from HCJ/RHHS a Happy New Year.After reading most of what you all wrote it brought back a lot of memories. Let's hope 2010 will bring health and happiness and better financial times to the U. Anyway, Christmas was a magical lovely time to be in Richmond Hill.Like 111 st pool room, the park, playing stickball, bike racing around the pond. Maybe I remember it with rose colored glasses but it seems to me we had more ups than downs back then.Looking back with fond memories on this New Years Eve just like everyone else who has wonderful memories of living and growing up in Richmond Hill.Yes, it has changed but my last visit back what I saw was that the new owners are really making positive changes to the houses and it gave me a good feeling.I lived at 95-02 Lefferts Blvd from 1946 until my husband and I moved to Springfield Mass.and that was in 1973, and my parents lived there until 1990 when my mother moved out by us.

Must get back to the festiviies and wish everyone a very Healthy Happy New Year. I spoke to the owner, a very sweet woman who was busy sweeping the driveway, so many flowers and new gardens.

went to Oxfords bakery on 104th to indulge, they are still super and what great prices compared to my scarsdale pastry shop!!!

I look back as everyone has as to what it was like shopping on Liberty Ave.

especially going into Kresge's for gifts for friends and family, especially buying Evenin in Paris cologne for everyone and a cologne that was in what looked like a hurricane lamp.

They were always given as they all cost $1, great times.

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