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She asked her mom not to do the walk without her, so the planned group outing never happened.This year, they decided, they would walk in Miyah’s honor.And Telemaque embraces the way Wall has prompted people to remember her daughter.

(Miyah had Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.) Like most high-profile athletes, Wall meets countless kids with countless stories. But something clicked when he met Miyah — whom he then helped introduce to Nicki Minaj through a social-media campaign — and it became more than a photo-op.

Wall chatted with Miyah on Face Time during her extended stays at Children’s National Medical Center.

(Her mom later told him that Miyah asked to speak with him just about every day, and he regrets not calling more often.) She played with his nieces and nephews during her trips to Verizon Center for Wizards games.

Wall and his sister continue to exchange text messages with Miyah’s mom, and he has promoted the LLS walk virtually daily on his Twitter account this month.

“When you care for somebody and the bond just hits, you can’t really control it,” he explained after practice last week. Miyah had asked her family to participate in last year’s Light the Night walk, because she was captivated by the images of glowing lanterns used at the event.

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“I didn’t want it to be like ‘All right, she’s gone, I don’t want to deal with this family [anymore],’ because it was bigger than that. I wanted to still be a part of that family.”Miyah’s mother, Kadisha Telemaque, considers herself “a very private individual,” and was hesitant to speak about Wall’s relationship with her daughter, even after his tearful postgame interview about Miyah went viral shortly after she died. Her final relapse came shortly before the walk, and she wasn’t permitted to leave the hospital.

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