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Amy poehler dating nick kroll history dating

You know, after not seeing each other for weeks, they’d go into a room together, get naked, hump for a while, light up a joint, say a total of 16 words about what they’ve been up to and get dressed before going back to their oh-so-fucking busy schedules. I’m guessing that the real reason they broke up is because the Hammaconda is on the loose now and Amy wants a huge piece of that. Trailer Kroll, 37, and Poehler, 44, were first rumored to be dating in May 2013, but their public appearances have been sparse over the past two years.They were last seen posing together in April at the Los Angeles premiere of Kroll's film star.

held at the Regency Village Theatre on Tuesday (August 9) in Westwood, Calif.

The Oscar nominated actress was joined by her co-stars Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller, Michael Cera, Nick Kroll, Sugar Lyn Beard, Danny Mc Bride, Craig Robinson and David Krumholtz.

“They really tried, but it just wasn’t realistic anymore,” adds the source.

“They were spending more time apart than together.” Whenever Hollywood types break up, some source usually burps out some generic crap about how they had to dump their relationship into the gutter because they were just never ever together.

Er, I thought that not seeing each other’s faces for long periods of time was one of the keys to a long-lasting happy relationship.

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