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Jesus’ most important command is to love God and neighbor—even if that love costs us everything we have.We believe that God has shown His love above all in God’s only Son, the Word who became flesh and fully revealed God’s divine being and character. On the cross we see a God so filled with love and compassion that He is willing to sacrifice Himself to His enemies in order to heal and rescue the human family.Jesus began His ministry in approximately 30 CE by gathering together a group of disciples.For three years these disciples lived, ate, and worked with Jesus, observing Him as He cared for the poor, healed those who were ill, gave sight to the blind, and taught the multitudes.

While they shared many of the concerns of more well-known reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin, Anabaptists went further than these founders of mainline Protestant denominations in reforming their theology and lifestyle.

Nope, we’re not Amish, and no, we don’t drive buggies or live without electricity (though we certainly welcome anyone who does! While the Amish and Old Order Mennonites share our theological heritage dating back to the Reformation, Third Way is part of a new movement of Anabaptist churches which seek to faithfully advance Jesus’ kingdom in our modern cultural context.

We believe that love is not something God does; it is the essence of who God is.

During these years, and also in the days after His resurrection, Jesus became central to their lives and faith.

They became believers who accepted Him as their Master-Teacher, Savior, and Lord.

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Both the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world demand our ultimate obedience.

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