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Aragaki yui nishikido ryo dating who is bachelorette ali dating now

It has been reported his new role will be a change, and he will be a polite cook and divorced man.

The love-comedy “全開ガール (Zenkai Girl)” follows a career-focussed newcomer lawyer Wakaba Ayukawa (Aragaki) who gets ordered to look after her boss’s daughter.

At the kindergarten, Ayukawa meets someone she loathes – softly spoken Souta Yamada (Nishikido), who in her eyes has no brains, no money, and no career promises.

Nevertheless, she starts to learn about child-raising and love.

Get ready to squeal like stuck pigs over Hinata, the five-going-on-twenty-five little girl Wakaba is hired to baby sit as prerequisite to getting her dream law firm job, and Emitaro, the son of Shota (played by Ryo), the dreamboat of little Hinata’s heart. Oops, too bad at the opening gala party for her new job, the firm goes under. She did graduate top of her class and passed her exam with the highest score. Wakaba says “I don’t acknowledge the existence of lemons! Shota is impressed, and I think this is where his heart thumps an extra beat for go-getter Wakaba.

So grab your plushiest stuffed animal and get ready for a girl who’s going to get where she wants to go, no kids or hunk is going to stop her. ” This is our OTP, who meet cute in a subway when he spills his bag containing random breast feeding gear and she treats him like a pervert deviant criminal. Does that face even look like anything other than the world’s sweetest cutest single dad? Peanut-allergic Hinata kisses Emitaro and goes into shock.

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Because only armed with a top-notch education and academic pedigree can she achieve her lifelong dreams. She doesn’t want to help the poor or needy on the wrong side of the law. Clearly they are going to be OTP forever and ever and find utter happiness together. Let the man overflowing with kindness and warmth melt the prickly icicle that is Wakaba. Wakaba schools him on her mantra – anything she does, she does it all the way.

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