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Jade has a Gothic sense of style, and aside from her dark, occasionally laced clothing she wears dark makeup and paints her nails black as well.The jewelry she wears is designed by real life artist Dre Swain, and she also wears dark red Doc Martens and black combat boots. Jade also has multiple streaks in her hair that change color periodically.In season one her streaks in her brown hair are at first pink, blonde and light blue before going red for the rest of the season.In season two she dyed her hair black and her streaks are blue and green.She was friends with Andre Harris, Robbie Shapiro, Cat Valentine, and Beck Oliver since at least 2008, where they formed an official ping pong team at Hollywood Arts High School.(The Great Ping Pong Scam) She and Beck also began dating at some point this year (Jade Dumps Beck).

In season four her hair is shorter and her streaks are purple for 10 of the 13 episodes.

She also has two piercings, one in her left eyebrow and one on her nose.

Brown w/ blue, blonde, pink, white, and red highlights (Season 1)Dyed Black w/ blue and green highlights (Season 2)Dark Brown with blue, green, and purple highlights (Seasons 3 ) Dark Brown with purple highlights ( Season 4) Jade West is one of the seven main characters in the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious.

She originally served as the main antagonist to the titular character, Tori Vega, but overall, she is still treated as a member of Tori's gang of friends.

Jade's childhood has been noted to be an unhappy one on a few occasions throughout the series.

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