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Are tyler oakley and cory dating intimidating boy dog names

Zoe started her fashion and beauty-focused You Tube channel, Zoella, in 2009 and now has over nine million followers who tune in to watch her show off her favorite products, looks, and trends.Her second, more personal, You Tube account has nearly three and a half million subscribers, and she has also published a New York Times bestselling novel called Girl Online and created her own beauty line. While the comments sections of You Tube videos can be a cruel place, they have treated her quite kindly.Writing about her videos, young people fawn over her, showering her with complements and telling her how much they'd love to look just like her.'A lot of young people look at me and think, "She has the perfect life: She's got the boyfriend, the house, the dog, the book, the successful You Tube channel,"' Zoe told the magazine in an interview for its October 'social issue'. Sometimes I have days where I don't want to leave my bed, or I'll have multiple panic attacks.' In fact, despite her rising fame, Zoe is still just a small-town girl at heart - her hometown, in rural Wiltshire, England, has just over 1,000 residents. "You've been invited to an event in London - hop on the train!So traveling far from home and taking on big cities like London can still be quite nerve-wracking for her.'When I came to You Tube, it was comforting to sit and make video diaries,' she said. " That's definitely out of my comfort zone.'She went on: 'Sometimes I'm really confident...

It's easy to assume that young people who've achieved 'internet fame' by sharing intimate details about their lives online are self-assured and at least a little bit vain - but two popular You Tube stars who have over 16 million subscribers between them have revealed that they have plenty of insecurities, too.

Zoe Sugg, a 25-year-old English fashion and beauty vlogger who is better known as Zoella, and Tyler Oakley, a 26-year-old You Tube personality from Mississippi, shared their anxieties in a new interview with Seventeen.

Appearing on the cover of the magazine's latest issue, which goes on sale September 15, the social media stars insist that even though they have millions of adoring fans, lucrative book deals, and seemingly 'perfect' lives, they still have their own self-doubt to deal with.

When it comes to picking up an award in front of 9,000 people, I'm like [snaps], I can do that. " It's as if I have two different sides.'Tyler, who has parlayed his funny You Tube personality into a successful autobiography and a slew of hyped-up public appearance, is also a big name online.

He has five million Instagram followers, won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star in 2014, and also appeared that year in The Advocate's 40 under 40: Emerging Voices list.'Talking about it is really hard because it's something I suppress and work through every day,' he explained.

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