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Almost immediately, L started spending all of her time with her boyfriend. She ditched me and our other friends for him constantly.

I know I’m not the only one who has watched a friendship get destroyed because one of those friends started dating someone new. You’re a little jealous, but also genuinely happy for her. After a few days, you realize your BFF has been talking about this dude Seriously, it’s all she talks about. Then one day, you have plans to hang with her and she cancels to hang with him.

I hear you guys complaining about how your best friend ditched you for her boyfriend a lot.

A few years ago, I was best friends with this girl L. She can never talk, she can never hang out, she’s ALWAYS with her boyfriend. She acts like nothing is wrong, but EVERYTHING is wrong.

We did everything together and were almost never apart – we had sleepovers, watched movies together, cried to each other and acted as each other’s wingwoman whenever possible. You start complaining about it with your other friends. After months of being blown off by your BFF, you decide to say something.

L could be a little intense, but I loved her like a sister and had so much fun with her. You tell her how much you miss her and you don’t think it’s fair that she’s ditching you all the time for her BF. She says she’s just busy with a lot of different things and insinuates that you’re just jealous.

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