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This boy on Cam4 set his cam up in a hotel room and is arranging hookups on craigslist.One by one these craigslist men knock on the hotel door and come in for a blowjob. Most of these guys are probably closeted married guys.Imagine their shock that their gay hookup was all caught on cam and broadcasted to thousands of viewers! I've watched this guy in action before..constant mouth movement bothers me. I don't have much contact with drug users and I'm curious as to what he's on and what is the pathology behind the mouth movements. That is also why he is super-freaky horny yet he only has a semi-hard on.I doubt he will cum tonight..with crystall you really don't need to. I actually feel homophobic after watching that mess. I saw a black guy come in earlier and he dropped his pants as soon as he came in the door and got sucked off and left.Just sitting there jerking your limp dick feels like an orgasm a minute.%0D %0D I had to shut it off. All of this happend within 2 minutes right by the door.

For a fucked up meth head he was pretty ingenious about the whole thing. He's sitting on a towel (and a dildo) with his rashy, tweaking self. In addition, he is allowing himself to be used as a doormat for anyone who streams in ,and has sex with the guy. He was in a bathroom and was sitting there just a tugging away and then he gets up, and wraps a towel around himself and goes off cam. I think it's a "fantasy" scene to arouse the voyeurs out there. There's no way the tricks know because the Craigslist ad mentions nothing about being on cam. And it doesn't seem like he gets into long conversations with the tricks prior to them arriving to explain that there is a camera broadcasting.

I just don't think it is amusing to watch someone self destructing. And even after they arrive he doesn't talk to them.

So at no point is it explained that they would be broadcasted live to the world.

Here is the craigslist ad:party day 2 - 22 (warrington)still going for the second day.

come join inbring your own supplies and stuff if you boy sitting in a hotel room He keeps his hair cut in a tight, military style and sets up shop right near the navy base gates.

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