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Jetzt geht es ihm wieder besser und er kann normal essen. Wenn man zu ihm hingeht, wirft er sich auf den Rücken in der Hoffnung, dass man ihm dann den Bauch streichelt.Er ist ein ruhiger Geselle, der gerne aus der Sonne heraus bleibt und sich unter dem Laster versteckt.Abuelo wartet seit August 2014 bei Scooby auf seine Familie.

At the beginning he was a little wary, now he's confident and friendly, happy with people, always glad to see us, and also joyful with his paddock friends. Amelio is friendly and lovely with people but a little insecure. And suddenly he is lying upside down asking you to rub his big tummy!!

He's curios when we are in the paddock but is shy at the moment to put the leash, he starts cry. Born in 2012 but he looks like a puppy when he starts running and playing with you.

When he arrived, he came with a finger amputated hind leg , probably from a wound unhealed .

Now he's with veterinary treatment and is improving gradually. Alicia was saved by Scooby from the perrera provincial from Valladolid.

First she was a little bit shy but she loves to be cuddled and comes by herself to you to get a lot of those and has totally lost her shyness.

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She is good with all other dogs and good on the lead. Alvin is a stunning boy, born 2009, medium big size.

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