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According to your charts my ax1200 should have around the same if not quieter sound levels than my hx850. As soon as i turned my pc on it was noticeable straight away that this psu is louder.I have a watercooled pc with fans at 600rpm and so it is very easy to notice the difference in noise this psu makes. I have tried plugging the psu into its own socket, this did not fix the problem.The noise is not the coil whine i have read about, it is just a louder fan than the hx850. I was wondering if this is the reality, or have a got a faulty psu? Also there is a very high pitch sound being emmited. Dear friends: This may be a silly question, but I have yet to figure it out: How do you view all or any of your email addresses in Kmail's Addressbook?I imported lots of addresses by way of LDAP and I can't find a single one of them. Benjamin Start KMail, then click on Tools - Address Book. In the left hand combo box, select the fields you want to see, and click on the right arrow to transfer that data to the right hand combo. Then just select a name to see the info displayed in the right pane of the address book.I've tried "Incremental Search" and I am not sure I know how to use it. Part of my research into a new psu involved how loud the psu was.

The options that rpmbuild needs should be in the file.

The additional options that you can give to rpmbuild modify the result of applying the file to the direct the build.

A rpm is made up of a minimum of two files: a file and a tarball. When you install the rpm, the files are installed into /usr/src/.../SPECS and /usr/src/.../SOURCES.

When the binary rpm has been compiled, you will find it in /usr/src/.../RPMS.

The /.../ is different for redhat (and derivatives), Mandriva, and Suse.

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The tarball can be installed just as any other tarball.

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