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If you were to fill a room with the top engine builders in the world, you’d be surprised to hear the various opinions on what part of the engine needs the most focus. In truth, all of those key points as well as many other variables play major roles in the engine building process. Or does none of that really matter because the old adage is true: there’s no replacement for displacement.The area that all engine builders can agree upon is valve timing and how much a camshaft can affect an engine.To use an analogy, the camshaft’s “profile” is the music sheet to a symphony.So now that we’ve concluded that changing your engines’ camshaft includes a lot of decision making, let’s focus on the reasons why you want to change your engine’s camshaft in the first place: more horsepower and more torque!As the engine’s sheet music, it plays a crucial role in your engine.The camshaft is paired to the crankshaft by a set of gears tied together by a chain.Sure all the musicians can read and play the music on the sheet, but if it’s the wrong song, or a different song than what the conductor is leading, then things aren’t going to run that smoothly.

When choosing a camshaft it’s best to get information on the entire vehicle and not just the engine components.

Items such as transmission type, convertor stall and size, differential ratio, and tire size should be recorded to help determine your final decision.

When considering what engine components will work with your choice of cam, some of the obvious areas need to be put into consideration as well; items such as engine displacement, compression ratio, fuel delivery type (carb or fuel injection), and cylinder head volume.

Some often overlooked variables include what type of driving you will be doing, and in what type of climate and altitude you live in, and how long you typically run the vehicle, as some cam profiles can make huge horsepower numbers at a dragstrip, however the same camshaft can make driving your vehicle on the street close to impossible.

Also, will you be adding nitrous, a supercharger, a turbo, or making a cylinder head change?

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Other items that can help make the camshaft more efficient include an air intake system, a performance manifold, or even a performance exhaust system.

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