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but think for a moment: If I was, if I were the murderer, you think I should, I just say it?You know my theory about the truth.” Mr Gullino earns his money as an antiques dealer with a supplementary income from the Danish state pension.

The assassination of Mr Markov, a constant thorn in the side of Bulgaria’s Communist regime, was one of the most chilling episodes of the Cold War.

He had lived in political exile in London since the late 1960s and was married to Annabel Markova, a novelist who writes under the name Annabel Dilke.

, and again in later papers in more detail, of Roman Catholicism.

As I'm sure you know he's pretty vehement about Roman Catholicism, largely because his daughter, when he split up from his wife was educated against his will in a Catholic nunnery and it must have been pretty painful for him to see this process happening.

So he spells out what happens in Roman Catholicism.

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