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Chat with jenny cybersex bot Polos adultchat

The two cybersexers begin to type out various "actions" like "I am unzipping ur pants and touchin ur dick." The users then begin to masturbate and type out more "actions" until they reach climax, and then the session is over.Neither user will probably ever chat with each other again. Another, more fucked up version of cybersex is mudsex.Those who engage in this typically develop IRL feelings for one other.This is generally a symptom of 'sad bastard disease', and should be reported to the proper authorities immediately so that government kill-teams can contain the infection.Ballet RC10: mmhmm Coolguy12342: k good Coolguy12342: i cant wait to fuck Ballet RC10: lol Coolguy12342: mm its going to be so good Ballet RC10: i knoww Coolguy12342: want2cyber?Ballet RC10: ummmm Ballet RC10: sure Ballet RC10: are u alone Coolguy12342: yeah Ballet RC10: alright Coolguy12342: mm Coolguy12342: my cock is throbbing in my pants Ballet RC10: oo eli Coolguy12342: mm Coolguy12342: how wet its your pussy Ballet RC10: its dripping baby Coolguy12342: mm i take off your pants and reveal your sexy thong Coolguy12342: your moist pussy is wetting it all up Coolguy12342: how bad do you wanna suck my cock Ballet RC10: mmm very bad Coolguy12342: so start sucking bitch Ballet RC10: as i rip off ur pants and boxers Ballet RC10: and start licking the tip very slowly Ballet RC10: all around Ballet RC10: sucking lightly Coolguy12342: mm Coolguy12342: i like that baby Coolguy12342: keep going Ballet RC10: licking it all over Ballet RC10: up and down Ballet RC10: going up and down very slowly Coolguy12342: mm im getitng precum all in your mouth Ballet RC10: mmm Ballet RC10: and i spit it out Ballet RC10: i like the real stuff Coolguy12342: mmm Coolguy12342: i like you like the real stuff Coolguy12342: i wanna eat your pussy out so bad Coolguy12342: i take off your sexy thong Coolguy12342: is it nice and hairy gfor me baby?Coolguy12342: mm Ballet RC10: mm no hair Coolguy12342: i get on my knees and spread your4 legs over m shoulders Coolguy12342: i get my face all up in your hot vagina and stick my nose in it real deep Coolguy12342: yo ulike that baby?Cybersex can be logged for lulz and drama, especially when the partner is not a human.

[] [faight] Cyber with me, Nihilanth [] [Nihilanth] faight how do you liek it [] • Nihilanth puts on robe and wizard hat with mudkip on it [] [faight] omg [] [faight] I'm done.

[] [faight] that was all I needed [] [Tehdork] lolol [] [Nihilanth] Coolguy12342: so Coolguy12342: its like Coolguy12342: real Coolguy12342: ?

Cybersex or Cybering is surprisingly enough, "sex" that takes place on the Internet.

Usually on an AOL, MSN or IRC conversation between two lonely Internet users who cannot get laid IRL.

As expected 99% of people that have cybersex are guys, because pretending to be a female is easy. This is because we all know that there are no girls on the internet.

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Cybersex can be compared to role-playing, since neither person is actually having real sex.

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