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sullkitten welcome Thomas wendymcelroy Thomas, does the warrior heroine date back to Greek mythology or what is the origin in psyche of man/woman that makes it so powerful today? Thomas Have you guys seen my web site - The Amazon Connection? I've seen nearly every episode :-) Bookish I'm looking at your site now, Thomas.It is a compilation of female hero and warrior sources and references: Rader Rand would not even say she wrote a female hero, Bookish Thomas Sure Bookish, female heroes predate Rand. This seems to be a rather broad definition of 'amazon'.I think Rand's contribution is an understanding of what heroism is and how it operates and why it is a human need to have heroes, and to aspire to "heroic being". Wyatt I haven't seen any Xena, but I would single out Buffy as the best show on tv right now Thomas Is "heroine" and "female hero" the same?

Xena: Warrior Princess, La Femme Nikita, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are prominent examples of the new ideals of female heroism. This version of the chat transcript includes those 15-20 minutes as well (see Part 2).

This includes some replies to backlog questions from the formal hour.

About the demographics question - I know a little about this for Xena, which is big among both genders, mostly young people.

In Norway, 80 % of viewers are between 17-34 years of age wendymcelroy Tonight, we are lucky to have Thomas Gramstad, author of "The Female Hero: A Randian-Feminist Synthesis" which appeared in "Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand".

Thomas is an eloquent expert on warrior heroines as I mentioned previously.

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