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Chatropolis chad graham dating derbyshire

When Prometheus went missing in the wake of the Mageddon incident (having been placed in a psychic prison by the Martian Manhunter), Graham decided to replace his mentor.In Star City, he fought Green Arrow and the police, and escaped with the help of Hush, with whom he formed a partnership, traveled to Gotham and helped him against Black Mask and Penguin who wanted to recuirt Hush into their own gangs.Hush abandoned Prometheus for his complicity in the murder of Poison Ivy.Infected with a terminal disease by one of Ivy's mutated foster children, Prometheus was powerless to defend himself from kidnapping.

He served with the Society at the Battle of Metropolis, where he killed the Peacemaker.

One Year after the Battle of Metropolis, Graham was still with the Society as "Prometheus" and defeated Lady Shiva, one of New Earth's top-rated martial artists.

Chad has been in the Offroad game for years, Starting out in a JR2 and now racing a Limited buggy, He is slowly moving his way to the top !!!

In his quest to kill the police officers who had killed his parents so many years before, Prometheus had come to the home of Officer Graham to get the last man.

However, he discovered that the officer was already dead - killed that same day by his eight-year-old son Chad.

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