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This chapter covers all the required tasks needed to add phones and gateways to a Cisco Call Manager system.Four methods to add phones to the system are discussed: manual registration, Auto-registration, BAT, and TAPS.After all predeployment tasks are completed, devices can be added to the system.This chapter discusses the tasks required to add certain devices to the Call Manager cluster.Because each version of Call Manager adds fields, all the fields you see in these steps may not appear on your screen, or additional fields may be present, due to the version of Call Manager you are running.Regardless of the version you are running, the steps in this chapter will help you walk through the process. Some can remain at default, whereas others are not required at all.The end of the names of required parameters are marked with an asterisk (*).There are a number of different models of Cisco IP phones, but the task of adding each is very similar. Gateways allow connectivity to another system such as the Public Switch Telephone Network ().

It is not possible to provide a step-by-step guide for the configuration of each, but this chapter does include detailed steps on how to configure the most popular types.

In all the steps in this book, I have tried to cover all the parameters that appear on the screen.

A number of types of devices can be added to the Call Manager.

The devices discussed in this chapter fall into one of two categories, clients or gateways.

Other devices, such as gatekeepers, are discussed in future chapters.

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