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She wants the conversation to continue and she wants to get sexual with you.I have been living at the mastery level of success with women for many years now, so I recently decided to use all of my additional experiences (since originally writing The Flow) to turn what was an intermediate level book into a mastery level book.Over the years, I’ve coached 100s of guys over the phone and in person, so I’ve also added in a lot of the common problems that guys experience with women, as well quick and easy solutions.You will not find anything quite like The Flow anywhere else online.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was and thought to myself that maybe it was just pure luck.

So I had to prove to myself that it wasn’t an accident and I went out a couple of weeks later and approached some more women in a bar.

It has been tailored made to work for all types of guys who experience all sorts of problems when it comes to approaching, attracting and picking up women.

No-one else can teach you the secrets that I have learnt from all of my years of successful experience with women and the countless hours of coaching that I’ve provided to guys.

The Flow includes techniques and examples for: “The first time I tried your flow approach I spoke to a couple of women and both seemed to like me right away.

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