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Crazy cat lady dating profile rsvp online dating target market

But from what I discovered while soliciting questions for my book So there you go.It's important to know this kind of stuff, because you can't truly love all of yourself until you love and understand your girly parts.We talk about the eyeball or the elbow or the big toe. Plus, the vagina is way more interesting than the pinky finger or the belly button. These bins can be rented to haul out garden waste, home renovations waste, roof shingles, asphalt, concrete, walkways, flooring, gravel, construction clean up, back-yard & garage clean up etc. has been operating as a multi-purpose facility providing collection and processing of construction and demolition waste for the province of Ontario along with the composting of…Our service is reliable and environmentally friendly.TRY Recycling was designed with the LEED projects in mind.

And then, after it had been up on their website for about an hour, some suit in corporate made them pull it.

So they figured they'd play nice in the sandbox and give us girls our time in the limelight.

They had posted "15 Crazy Things About Sperm" and it was wildly popular.

But I realized that I never posted a juicy post that I wrote in the fall at the beginning of the tour... Did you hear the story of how asked me to write this post—"15 Crazy Things About Vaginas"—for their website on the launch day of my book?

"Too saucy." You can read the whole crazy-making story here. It's amazing how much misinformation is out there about the vagina.

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Anyway, I never did get around to posting what I wrote for them. Given how fascinated our society is with the female body, you'd think we'd be a little more informed.

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