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Createuserwizard not validating dating relating

NET's Membership system and its associated Web controls enable developers to create websites that support user accounts in a fraction of the time that it once did.In a nutshell, the Membership system and the specified provider handle the low-level details of creating a user account, validating a user's credentials, deleting an account, locking out an account, getting information about the currently logged on user, and so on.

You can reset a password via the method or by using the ASP. Typically the user resetting their password is shown their security question and must correctly enter their security answer in order to proceed with the password reset.

It has been my experience that the default interface for the security question and answer in the Create User Wizard control is suboptimal, especially for non-computer savvy users.

It is not readily apparent what purpose the security question and answer textboxes fulfill.

Also, by using a textbox you trust the user to enter a strong security question.

I've seen users who use weak security questions that everyone knows the answer to, such as "What is 2 + 2? These weak questions defeat the purpose of having a security question and answer in the first place.

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The good news is that it is remarkably easy to customize the Create User Wizard control to provide more instructions concerning the security question and answer and to force the user to choose among a predefined set of security questions. Out of the box the Create User Wizard control generates a standard (albeit bland), two-step wizard for creating a new user account.

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