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season 17 finale is a day away, and while one person will be crowned the winner, two will lose out on the $500,000 prize.Of those two, one will be this season's runner-up, and although they'll be $50,000 richer, they are still likely to be haunted by losing the coveted title."Coming in second place, imagine how much that would haunt you for so long being runner-up," Daniele Donato (seasons eight and 13) tells ."Every day for a really long time you think, ' What did I do wrong? ' " Although she lost in her first season to her father, Evel Dick Donato, in one of the most memorable seasons in the show's history, her second run in the house brought a different prize by the name of Dominic Briones.

People used to be literally fighting and hating each other, and now it’s just everyone loves each other and gets along.

Who has a better chance of staying together when the show is over — Austin and Liz or Shelli and Clay? Shelli was a great player, and I don’t understand why people didn’t like her.

Donato married her season 13 castmate, and with the recent baby news from Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, the Huntington Beach native says, "I am so glad that Rachel is pregnant because now everyone can stop acting like it’s a competition for us to get pregnant.

We definitely do want a baby — I’m just glad they took the pressure off of us.” Here, Donato talks to in 2007. Now, everyone has it down to a tee of what competition it’s going to be, and people are outplaying the game.

There needs to be some huge game twist because I don’t want to see people outplay the game. Everyone says that they don’t want twists, but when you don’t get twists, you get these people who just walk all over everybody.

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I actually had an epiphany the other day, and I remember there’s been three seasons — season 14, season 16 and season 17 — and each season, I’ve been like, “How are these people this stupid that they let one person dictate everything? These have to be the stupidest people in the whole wide world.” But I’ve come to the realization that maybe it’s not the people that are stupid, that maybe the player is just that good, mixed with these stupid people.

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