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Dating a deaf guy Allmuslimsex com

What happened was I got an e-mail from a deaf woman asking me how she could get her hearing husband and kids interested in learning ASL. Something came up that has me a bit concerned about my chest-thumping brethren. Most of this article is for couch-potato Neanderthals like me.

Aunts and nieces also seem to have the upper hand over uncles and nephews. This is entirely subjective and I know there are exceptions. Most men, especially macho types, are not too crazy about self-disclosure, sharing feelings, and communicating (barf! The very nature of ASL requires that you reveal your thoughts and feelings through visual expression. Through ASL, you often allow others to see your innermost feelings. I can just see the Chicago Bears’ Fan Club running for the exits, trying their best not to puke.

But I’ve personally seen enough to surmise that the females are running circles around the males in the sign language department. After asking around, a couple of theories popped up. For most deaf men, this is not an issue because they’ve been signing all their lives.

But when a deaf girl finds a hearing boyfriend, sheeesh. Anytime my wife and I visit one of my friends, my wife is guaranteed a good time because my friends have wives and girlfriends who sign fluently.

But when my wife and I visit her friends, I’m often uncomfortable because their husbands or boyfriends don’t sign worth peanuts.

Conversation rarely goes beyond the superficial “How ya doing” and “Nice car.” In a nutshell, my wife gets to chat up a storm with my friends’ significant others while I’m stuck twiddling my thumbs with hers.

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