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Dating a runner Chat with porn girls

The other day, a friend of mine sent a group text to a bunch of runner gals about a first-date fail, where she ate twice as much as the guy she was out with and she ate it twice as fast!That text started a barrage of testimonies of other bad first dates specifically for runners. -Question her for not drinking during peak training or before a big race.Apparently there are a lot of things you shouldn’t do if you want to date a runner. -Ask her to get up early on Sunday- Sunday being the only day for a runner to sleep in- it’s sacred! -Comment on how much money she spends on sports massages. -Bike alongside her for 20 miles to keep her company.This same group of friends gave me their insight to help put together this post of advice for anyone who is interested in dating a runner. -Ask her if she thinks all this running is bad for her knees. -Expect her to do anything on any day that she runs more than 20 miles. “ -Have a huge breakfast waiting when she gets home from a long run. -Meet her with water at various points during her long run.-Get up at 5 am to make her coffee before her morning run. -Charge her Garmin when you see it sitting on the table.

We’ve all been on dates when you know you’re not interested but you’re too polite to end it early! Or you can be mature and say you’re better off as running buddies…your call. You can easily change the subject if someone says something…well…odd. It shows that you’re goal-oriented and have something in common!

(Beware of accidentally putting your prospective date in the “running buddy zone” because you got to0 nervous to actually ask them out…not that I’ve done that…) Take a spin wearing the running tights in the relationship and make the first move! You can literally run away from your bad date and not feel bad about it! It’s cool that you’ve both run half marathons or marathons! Nothing says romance and attraction like watching your sweaty date eat a cheeseburger or 4 slices of pizza. So stop googling whether or not a running date is a good idea.

Here are 9 reasons why you should go on a running date ­ 1.

Do you want to know who won’t mind being woken up at 5 or 6 in the morning when you have to get to a starting line or go on your long run? The couple that runs together, wakes up early together. Just wear your favorite shirt, your most supportive sports bra and your most comfortable bottoms and call it a day.

Why wait until the first sleepover to see your significant other in their best/worst light? A little tinted sunscreen and waterproof mascara and you’re GOOD TO GO! Chances are you have maybe 10 running outfits and most of them probably look the same. I guarantee that you and your date will immediately forget the slip up and will focus on winning!

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