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Dating a smart guy online speed dating canada

When the emotional attachment in a previous relationship is severed, one may look for someone else to attach to and ease his emotional pain, says Nathan Feiles, a psychotherapist and author of “Are Rebound Relationships Doomed” on the "Psych Central" website.Problems can arise if you are in a rebound relationship.For instance, your guy may not have processed his breakup, he may idealize his previous partner, or he may have carried issues from his past relationship into the one with you, says Feiles.

For instance, you may be OK with your new guy talking about his ex from time to time, but not be OK with him still displaying pictures of her.

Establishing specific boundaries is vital to making sure that you and your partner have a mutually respectful and healthy relationship, says Jane Collingwood in the article "The Importance of Personal Boundaries" for the "Psych Central" website.

Be open and direct when establishing boundaries and be consistent with reinforcing them.

Think through your relationship expectations for your new guy.

Consider if you are expecting your relationship to evolve into a serious relationship or if you're just looking for a casual relationship.

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