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He was talking about your business becoming attractive to your audience.I think you’ll agree that business is a courtship of sorts. Not only do you need to attract, you also need to repel certain people as well.If you take the same approach as certain online dating sites, you will both attract the right clients and repel the wrong ones.However, rebel escalation remains very possible due to a breach they have made south of the base.In any case, the jihadist attack came at a huge cost; dozens were killed, many more were injured, and at least 6 armored vehicles were destroyed in the violent confrontation.Should the Syrian Army fully succeed in securing the base and re-establishing its defensive lines, what remains of the rebel offensive would be in shambles.

All those factors caused significant confusion within the ranks of the Syrian Army units stationed in the base.

Within a short amount of time, the Syrian Army units regrouped and launched a massive counter-attack against the invading jihadist forces pushing them out of the Arming base and the nearby artillery field that is positioned to the west of the artillery base.

Contrary to rebel claims, the Islamist factions were not able to claim an inch in the buildings located inside the artillery base.

The Syrian and Russian war jets played a major role in the expulsion of the Jaish Al-Fateh jihadist coalition from the imperative military base.

The warplanes obstructed the back lines of the Fateh coalition allowing the army units the sensitive time required to regroup and reorganize the fractured frontlines.

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