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He wrote about seeing a deck of cards that seemed to portray the society’s structure: Cups representing the church; Swords for the aristocrats; Coins for the merchants; and Rods for the peasants.In France, a court ledger stated that Other tarot commentators believed that early tarot decks was originally created as pictorial representation of the Kabbalah.Some added that the cards came from a grand conference attended by Kabbalists and Masters in Morocco, but no evidence was produced to prove such claims.

European adaptation of the Islamic playing cards emerged during the invasion.

Reproduction of human form in images was prohibited in Islam, which probably explains why early Mamluk court cards only contained decorative arrangements.

There were many speculations, and numerous books were created by historians and tarot practitioners alike, but the origins of tarot is still shrouded in mystery.

Based on the artworks in early tarot cards, different theories were made to pinpoint the geographical roots of the tarot.

I’ll discuss these theories in detail, but you can find a brief summary from the image below.

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