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Discounts are allowed depending on volume of order, on regular deal or to establish business relations, or by cash payment.7) In foreign trade following methods of payment are proutised: - bill of exchange - letter of credit _ clean payment (transfer, cheques) 8) Apromise unkept can follow a penalty, claims and other problems and charges.

Questions: 1) In the quoted price can be included freight, insurance, service costs, delivery costs fob, packing and other, for example discount else.

2) "net price" -a price without discount "gross price " 3) Aprospective Seller should inform the Buyer that the prices are subject to change in offer/ 4) On the business etiguette it is advisable to quote prices in the customers currency. 5) B) fob price free on board price This price includes delivery and loading on board costs.

a) Ex-work price -it is factory price, whith includes costs and profit of seller. c) C&f price -cost and freight price d) Cif price includes cost, insurance and freight e) DDp price includes cost, transportation f) And customs charges 6) Discounts can be of any percent.

Should celebrities be responsible for the products they endorse?

The Great Fire of London ACTIVITIES -Fast about the WORLD TALES - The Axe in the Ceiling HOBBY - The Greatest Balloon Event in the world!

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