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(Hunter 1943,4) Before the 3rd century AD, the first paper was made of disintegrating cloth- bark of trees and vegetation such as mulberry, hemp, china grass (Hunter 1943,56)Paper was used in China from AD 868, for engraving religious pictures and reached its height of in 1634 with the wooden block prints made popular by Sung Ying-hsing.The technology of making paper moved from China to Japan and then to Korea in AD 610 where it was commonly made from mulberry bark and Gampi. (Hunter 1943,59) Marco Polo gave one of the first descriptions of Chinese papermaking in his 'Milione'.He mentions that the Chinese emperors jealously guard the secrets of papermaking and that fine paper is manufactured from vegetable fiber: rice or tea straw, bamboo canes and hemp rag cloth.

True paper is characterized as thin sheets made from fiber that has been macerated until each individual filament is a separate unit.

Medieval paper was made of diluted cotton, linen fiber.

(Hunter 1943, 117) The fibers are then intermixed with water and by the use of a sieve-like screen, the fibers are lifted from the water leaving a sheet of matted fiber on the screen. (Hunter 1943, 5) Many people include think of papyrus and rice paper as paper. Papyrus is not made from macerated fiber so, it is not true paper.

Papyrus is made from a grasslike aquatic plant in the sedge family called Cyperus papyrus.

It has woody, bluntly triangular stems that are cut or sliced end to end with metal knife. It is made from strips of the cut spirally from the pith of the rice paper tree, a small Asiatic tree or shrub, Tetrapanax papyriferum, that is widely cultivated in China and Japan. They are made from the skins of animals (Hunter 1943,6) Paper as we know it, was invented in China, AD 105, by the Chinese Eunuch Ts'ai Lun.

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Then these thin "boards" are pasted together much like laminated wood. The pith is cut into a thin layer of ivory-like texture by means of a sharp knife. It was, thin, feted, formed, flat made in porous molds from macerated vegetable fiber.

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