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Possibly you have heard them mentioning this one: “Sharing” Properly, let me tell you this thing, if you embark on “sharing” your life’s secrets with a girl, she will be giving them with her friends who’ll share them with other friends who’ll…And even more, when you keep telling her about what you did in the past, and other stuff that should be kept secret, you will start losing value and soon you may find yourself alone and angry at other people talking behind your back.If you do it, especially from the beginning, she will dump you.

In fact, they hate it when you do it, and will probably tell another girl who is going to tell that someone with what you’ve said.

To make it simple, whenever you have the urge to criticize someone behind his into her, stop it and bring to mind the consequences. Did you ever hear girls talking about this trait they desire in guys?

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Sometimes we do this for their support, to give advice and sometimes just to motivate each other.

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