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It was a shame, really, because dynamically this was a decent car.The transmission usually found the right gear and the steering was honest.You could drive these cars really quickly on the right road.Of the cars available to our little dealership, only the Contour SE was usefully faster when the road turned twisty.Remember, the MN12 platform had a very sophisticated rear suspension to hold up all that weight.Of course, the T-Bird name still meant something to some people.

Every day he walked from his apartment a mile or so away, and every night he walked back home. Ford kind of lost interest in the “American Six Series” after 1994.

The general manager took pity on him and broke the thirty-days-of-service-before-a-demo rule to put him in a Ranger Club Cab. I was eventually rewarded for my performance by being permitted to order my own demo, just like the 55-year-old Brylcreemers who had been serving at the store since before ‘Nam. Start with a 1996 Thunderbird LX, black with beige interior. The supercharged, manual-transmission Super Coupe was taken out of the lineup, while both interior and exterior were modified to share more parts with the Mercury Cougar.

I started slowly at the dealership but by the time the 1996 model year rolled around I was regularly one of the top two or three guys on the board every month. The 4.6 V8 didn’t really impress in the Mustang, but in the ‘Bird Ford had found a happier marriage of motor and mission.

More importantly, I was the most effective advocate in the shop for the Red Carpet Lease 24-month program. At least three of those were people I’d had to dissuade from writing me a check for the whole car on the spot. Big, sleek, reasonably fast, and very comfy, the 1996 Thunderbird was a good car at a very fair price.

But Rodney had some other plans involving Ford’s aging coupe…

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My demo priced out at $21,750 or so, actually slightly cheaper than a Taurus LX with the same equipment would have cost. Young people wouldn’t be caught dead in an automatic-transmission American coupe, while older people hated the massive doors and the contortions required to lower one’s self into the seats.

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