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ZAGREB, Yugoslavia— Franjo Tudjman, who in the last decade had been imprisoned and was once barred from public life for five years for denouncing Yugoslavia's Communist Government, laughed heartily as he watched television to learn that he was way ahead in his electoral bid to form a government in the republic of Croatia.Though runoff elections on May 6 and 7 will determine the new Parliament's final profile, Mr.Tudjman's conservative and nationalist Croatian Democratic Union is virtually assured a solid majority.He plans to use it to reshape Croatia's relationship with Yugoslavia, and perhaps Yugoslavia itself.

Tudjman said, glancing away from the news broadcast.

''We have had enough experience to show us that no other form of government can exist here because Serbs and Croats belong not only to two different nationalities, but to two different cultural spheres.'' The Serbs and the Croats, the two most populous of Yugoslavia's many nationalities, have been at loggerheads for centuries.

Longstanding Antipathy Though the antipathy between the Eastern Orthodox Serbs and the largely Roman Catholic Croats is older than the Yugoslav state, dating back to the centuries when the former were subjects of the Ottoman Turks and the latter formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the contemporary hatreds generally go back to World War II.

He was again imprisoned in 1981 for criticizing Yugoslavia's one-party regime. Tudjman founded the Croatian Democratic Union after the republic's Communist Government began allowing free political association.

Since then his party has attracted widespread popular support and sizable financial aid from emigres, and it has drawn fire from Serbs, Communists and some segments of the foreign press for its nationalist stand. Tudjman's critics, especially those in Serbia, liken the party's ascent to the ''waking of a vampire'' that will endanger the well-being of Serbs living in Croatia and elsewhere and threaten the stability of Yugoslavia. Tudjman will open the issue of border realignment and seek to unite Croatia and the neighboring republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a long-contested, multi-ethnic republic where the powderkeg of Europe exploded in 1914 and where fanatic Croats killed Serbs during World War II. Tudjman insists, to the Serbs' dismay, that Bosnia and Herzegovina are historically, geopolitically and economically linked to Croatia and that many of Bosnia's Muslim Slavs are ethnically Croats.

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He said he would not initiate steps to redraw the borders but would seek a referendum in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the question of its future affiliation if Yugoslavia is ever dissolved.

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