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I have most of the original owners names as well." [Source: Dan Kellaway, email 30/3/2008]Jeff Kemp began building guitars in 1982.His workshop is located at Rockvale, 35km from Armidale in the New England Area of NSW Australia.The area is part of the Northern Tablelands with an elevation of 1000 metres and a dry climate ideal for guitar making.His approach to building is to combine the finest elements of a traditionally built guitar with contemporary materials, building methods and design.The result is a powerful, well balanced guitar with enhanced volume and projection.These guitars have been described as "New Generation" instruments which are capable of projecting their rich sound in very large concert spaces.Jeff has a book currently in print on the characteristics of wood available in the Australian market called appropriately enough "The Australian Timber Buyers Guide" Commissioned by - Skills Book Publishing.Sydney 1994 ."We don't do serial numbers the way most people do.

[Source: Acoustic Guitar] All my classical guitars have the date of manufacture handwritten and signed on the label which is visible through the soundhole.

I keep a book with small descriptions of every guitar I make.

I can usually identify a guitar if someone gives me the date on the label.

Since our guitars are custom made, we let the customer choose his own serial number.

Most of the time, it ends up looking like a vanity license plate.

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UR2COOL, I8DBBQ, 2COOL4U, etc.' ["At Kent Lutherie, Casey Kent and Gary Kent are dedicated to creating the finest hand built guitars and acoustic instruments possible.

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