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Those foregoing, selected, crucial facts, respecting the developments of the recent two decades of this planet's history, also have a crucially relevant preceding, 1945-1989 interval of history. A broad summary of the relevant history since those times, is required at this point, such that the relevant discussion would treat the span of these developments since the British crushing of the rights of the Massachusetts of the Winthrops and Mathers, and since the subsequent death of England's Queen Anne, as a lawful historical process, a process, rather than a mere chronicle of several selected choices from among recent history's events. Traitor Burr, the founder of the Bank of Manhattan, was the personal asset of the British Foreign Office’s Jeremy Bentham.That is to speak of the wrong turn made, by what was then the greatest power on this planet at that time, the U. It was on or about the exact date of the February 1763 Paris treaty, and the accompanying end of the so-called "French and Indian Wars," that the social forces of the North American English-speaking population of the United States of America were, and remain divided, to the present day, between, on the one side, those in the tradition of predecessors who repelled the tyrannical and predatory measures of the British East India Company, and that opposing part of the population which is customarily identified with "Wall Street" as with the American traitors of Wall Street and kindred pedigrees, traitors such as the British Foreign Office's and Jeremy Bentham's personal asset Aaron Burr, the founder of the Bank of Manhattan.Since that time, American and British English-speaking wit has referred to the conflicts between the United States and the British empire, still today, as a people divided by the ability to quarrel through the greater efficiency afforded by the use of a common language.$ ls /urlfind Home | Generators | Servers | Hosting Providers | XPowered-by | IP Addresses | Word Press Plugins $ cat /urlfind/motd - URL Mapping and cross domains links.----------------------------------------------------------- _ _ ____ _ _____ _ _ | | | | _ \| | | ___(_)_ __ __| | | | | | |_) | | | |_ | | '_ \ / _` | | |_| | _ Since most of the nominal monetary-financial assets abroad presently, are loaded with an implicitly hyper-inflationary accumulation of increasingly worthless "paper," an immediate change from a monetary system, to a fixed-exchange-rate credit system, is the only presently available hope for avoiding the plunge of the planet as a whole into a prolonged new dark age. This was a ruin intended for the systemically savage, "pacification, through brutality, of the weakened victim;" it embodied a program of economic destruction including virtually the entire region of the former Soviet Union and the Comecon, with the intended ruin of Germany, as of the nations of both the former Comecon and Russia. Bush, has since resonated, in effects, to the point, that since the close of July 2007, the set of nations now included in the relevant Lisbon Treaty's crushing of the national sovereignties of the relevant victim-nations of continental Europe, has temporarily eliminated essential elements of national sovereignties from what had been, until then, the respectively sovereign states of western and central continental Europe.

Immediately, this would mean unifying the world’s railroads into a modern, global system. by means of the Devil's own sort of virtual treason unloosed from within the current administration, an effort, nominally led by President Barack Obama, which, if successful, would clear the way to mopping-up Britain's other chief obstacles on this planet, such as Russia, China, and India, as if one at a time. Thus, the mass-murderous partnership between the British monarchy and President Obama, which is intended to reduce the world's population, rapidly, from nearly 7 billions persons, to less than 2, is an evil scheme, long associated with British Royal Consort Prince Philip, who is allied with the President Obama who is now operating in a manner suggestive of treason, behind the back of the people of the U. A., a policy of Prince Philip which represents the greatest evil loosed upon this planet today. This is an effect which, if allowed to continue, even during the immediate months ahead, would soon unleash what the present British monarchy, and its accomplice, President Barack Obama, have explicitly intended to become the worst holocaust suffered by all humanity in the known, detailed political-economic history of mankind.

The next step would be the colonization of the Moon and then Mars. administration of President Barack Obama, a figure whose policies are cast in the likeness of a caricature of those of Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair, is serving, thus far, as the British puppet employed in the effort to bring down the U. Thus, the present circumstances of global crisis, demand that we now, quickly address the subject of certain specific evils which had been brought upon Europe through a reorganization of the affairs of the planet which occurred two decades ago, a reorganization pursued through the overreaching bit of common action taken in the matter of London's prescribed conditions for the reunification, then, of what had been London's already traditional enemy, Germany, since Chancellor Bismarck's U. These were the conditions set by a trio of Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, by France's President Mitterrand, and, the assent to their actions by then U. In such a process, the smaller and weaker nations, outside the category of presently great powers, would be simply crushed through means of the effects of globalization on such vulnerabilities as their increasing lack of truly sovereign control over the essential portion of the food supplies of their populations as wholes. policy; it proved to have been a wrong turn in world history, made under the influence, over Truman, of Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill and of economist John Maynard Keynes.

Shown: an artist’s rendering of a rocket refueling in a Mars orbit, en route to Jupiter. Therefore those willing nations which represent aggregate great power, must unite to act in defense of the smaller and weaker nations, for the defense and promotion of the common good. It was an onslaught of moral corruption launched, on April 13, 1945, on the occasion of the day after the death of President Franklin D.

Then, once President Franklin Roosevelt had died, Britain turned around again, to relaunch what had been its long-ranging intention to bring down the United States, and to proceed toward Britain's aim of establishing a neo-Malthusian form of a single world empire, a virtual "New Tower of Babel," which is the core of that monarchy's immediate, present, wicked perspective. The broader effect of this intended set of developments, featured the pestilences known as "globalization," and a "unitary Presidency," as part of the wrecking of the U. economy itself, especially under the Presidencies of George W. The principal correlative of the British imperial policy and influence to this effect, has been the continuing intention, as I have already noted, as being expressed by the hateful role of the British Consort Prince Philip, to reduce the world's population from a presently estimable level of about 6.7 billions, to less than 2 billions. Roosevelt whose cause President Harry S Truman promptly betrayed.

Bush, Jr., and, now, that of a Barack Obama who has already been seen, with good reason, as enjoying the most rapid, and presently accelerating, and richly deserved rate of successful gain of unpopularity of any U. The recently failed Copenhagen "summit," which, ironically, inaugurated what has been described in such terms as "the worst winter cold wave in an estimated span of a hundred years," featured commitments in the direction of that outcome. In effect, the United States under President Harry S Truman, acted in concert with British imperial interests typified by the role of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a concert which restored colonialist rule immediately in many parts of the world at that time, and thus unleashed a process of corrosion or outright reversal of the U. policy-commitments which had been adopted under President Franklin D. This was a corrosion, launched by Britain through setting the nuclear powers of that time against one anothers' throats, a corrosion which has led, over a half-century, with some detours here and there, toward the presently threatened plunge of the entire planet into a chain-reaction like collapse of the planet, a plunge to the present verge of a presently onrushing, planet-wide New Dark Age comparable to, but worse than that of the late Fourteenth Century Europe. Over the longer term since the beginning of the so-called "Seven Years War," the power of those British imperialist interests, has tended to increase, despite some most notable intervening periods of set-backs.

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