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As part of her residence program, she exhibited her work in a solo exhibition: on December 1st 2011.In addition, Maria Raponi taught Introduction to Photography in the fall 2011 semester at FUA – Florence University of the Arts to which F_AIR also belongs.BIO Maria Raponi is a Toronto-based artist who works across many platforms including film, photography, digital media, installation and sculpture.During its duration, the actual structures or containers intrigued me — the physical boxes holding the archive and the various architectural spaces that the centre had occupied over its history; it had moved 5 times.

This work, while directly tied to the architecture of the Künstlerhaus, provides a contemplative space for the viewer to occupy.

At first glance, the ceilings are presented from the perspective of the entrance of each of the exhibition spaces, almost as if the viewer fell to the ground upon entering the space (a viewpoint that can evoke the image of a daydream or an accident).

As one looks closer, one sees that the view is from multiple points, as if looking directly up from all parts of the room simultaneously.

Instead of being one photograph frozen in time, each ceiling is made up of multiple photographs taken over time, allowing for shifts in colour and light as each section was photograph.

These composite images were printed onto transparences and encased in wood light-boxes, allowing their presentation to have a sculptural presence.

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