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If you really like your friend’s ex-girlfriend, be honest in letting your friend know about your intense feeling towards his ex.At the same time, be prepared for an extreme reaction from him.He may either react with rage or may just give the go-ahead signal! If you like a girl for her sense of values, honesty and trustworthiness, then make up your mind and date her.Should I date my friend’s ex-girlfriend, is the dilemma in Jim’s mind.

Like every cloud has a silver lining, every girl has a past, an ex-boyfriend to be precise.

But Jim was not the type to get intimidated about her past life or her ex, not until he discovered that this ‘perfect’ girl was his friend’s ex-girlfriend.

There are a few guys who are overtly possessive about their girls and sometimes even about their ex. Or is he the kind who wouldn't really care if you went after his ex?

If he belong to the latter type, then there is no problem in dating his ex.

If he belongs to the former category, it may be still okay to date his ex, because after a relationship has ended, your friend has no right to choose or object to the guys his ex dates.

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If you share a very close camaraderie with your friend and have made a pact that either of you, at any point of time, should date each other’s ex-girlfriend, then it may become difficult for you to go against your promise. Such rules can sometimes be very effective in setting things straight.

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