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We rounded up some of the best artists in the business, to let you in on their best modeling secrets."Tools like the Select N Edge feature in Maya's Bonus Tools (and similar operations on many modeling packages) can quickly create complex surfaces such as cloth folds on dense meshes, baskets or similar objects, or a complex set of wires.Best of all, if you keep a tube shape you can unfold its UVs with a couple of clicks.” Carlos Ortega Elizalde "You can create complex objects very quickly using deformers and selections.By making a tileable surface it is only a matter of adding a couple of bend deformers to get a complex-looking but attractive object.” Carlos Ortega Elizalde "To model use the fewest tools you can.

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I usually use just the Standard brush, Clay brush, Clay Tubes brush, Move brush and Dam Standard brush. Interview Kian Kiani: visual development artist interview Visual development artist and Photoshop specialist Kian Kiani discusses his career so far, and the inspiration and workflow behind his latest gallery entries......

I build my forms and structure with the Clay Tubes and I cut into the clay with the Dam Standard brush to define the shapes.” Luca Nemolato Interview Alessandro Baldasseroni: Artist Interview Alessandro Baldasseroni is one of the industry's finest Character Modelers and Texturing/Shading Artists.

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