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So the Rover UC metal detector is suitable for every undercover treasure hunt.OKM Rover UC Version A Metal Detector The length of the trekking pole can be adjusted individually because of its telescopic mechanism and is equipped with an integrated FM radio.

The unit’s programming is controlled by a smart phone. OKM Rover UC is based on the well-proven, reliable and powerful technology of the Rover Series, in which many details has been optimized and improved.

Thus the multi-functional Rover UC metal detector is able to locate buried items like gold, silver, chests and boxes as well as hidden rooms, graves and tunnels.

The 3d software for analyzing the graphical measurements has been integrated completely into an Android smart phone, so you don't need any computer for data analysis, also dramatically reducing the weight.

Based on the processing power of today's smart phones our engineers and software developer created an easy to use high-tech 3d ground scanner.

It offers everything necessary to quickly and efficiently process measurements.

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