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I also thought that my chances of having something real and lasting with an older attractive woman was higher than with the young hot girl who sat next to me in lecture hall.I didn’t know any better, but that thought process didn’t exactly turn out to be false, at least in my case.I couldn’t relate to girls my age and I was so used to always being the youngest in my environment so it was a natural progression.There are many different reasons why we’re attracted to people much younger or much older than us and all of those reasons are completely normal for the most part.I learned to deal with reacting to people who’d try to invalidate those reasons.The more mature the woman, the better the chance for stability, patience, and understanding during the relationship, which was what I grew accustomed to.You see, maturity is only as relative to age as we allow it to be, but we have to be honest and understand that with the experience of life comes a certain maturity that is closely and undeniable related to age.I have always been fascinated with women who were older than me.

It wasn’t until my early to mid-twenties that I started dating younger women, but I’d always revert back to dating older women.

I had pre-conceived beliefs based on my own experiences and they revolved around my comfort factor with older women which was far more pronounced than what I’d experienced with younger girls.

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