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add 2 to the top number and 1 to the bottom number I gave you earlier-- looks really fishy here---- I bet here's where it'll happen today-- am Local Yacht clubs have a interclub tournament today-- mulit species awards Saw some birds and my first batch a few minutes ago-- much more life inside here-- rather than outside-- Im here off your starboard corner- Lure or Yummy-- Can you give us some room --- we're hooked up--- another boat right next to me just got bit-- pm looks like that smaller stuff must be yellowfin-- I didn't get anything to go-- there was a massive amount of birds bait and fish-- pm Looks like Tom just got bit---- pm Windy getting tight as anglers, kites and divers all plying for the same grounds-- --- there was a couple of spots that came up-- one really big spot of mixed sized fish-- Tom got bit-- quieted down- good idea that chunking!

they bite the Flat Falls after dark-- Late call in from Kyle-- PP they did it for $2-- they ate the head off the barracuda--!

I had a group from Texas, we got lots of shorts bass some barries and bass- tough bunch of guys- ---------------------------- Fridays Reports ---------------------- Reports of smaller grade 10 ders tuna off the West End of Catalina's the 125 spot- with lots od fish seen, no bites that I know of- Marlin boats scratching out a few more fish out of the Osborn Bank area-- might get a bit windy this afternoon up there-- good tailing weather!

Last year, we collected a record high amount from the lucky draw at the gala - let's beat it again this year!

Other paddies holding #15 dorados and 1 paddy full of dozens of 10# tails.

Very interested in artificial jigs but would not commit. ------------------- The weekends reports ------------------ Beautiful morning here on the beach, likewise offshore-- Seas--- Lumpy along the coast from that outside wind--sarts to flatted out a bit offshore- Coastal fishing busy with day use off the local kelp beds-- mackerel fishing still a chancy thing -- some days yes --some days no-- wind starting early--- by 11 am it's swung around to the west 10+ seems to be building- Just spit the hook-- 10 minutes out of the anchorage am any reports from the 182--- silence -- with only a scratchy report of no fish- am So they arrive fashionably-- one more later and they were done!

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