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Location: 200 block of Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa NO. military commander in California, lived in the little house nearby in 1849. Location: Sonoma State Historic Park, NW corner of E Spain and 1st St E, Sonoma NO.237 TEMELEC HALL - This structure was erected in 1858 by Captain Granville P. Location: Temelec Adult Community, 220 Temelec Circle, 3 mi SE of Sonoma NO. It became the headquarters of the Bear Flag Party, which in June 1846 proclaimed a 'California Republic' and raised the Bear Flag on Sonoma's Plaza. 392 BUENA VISTA WINERY AND VINEYARDS - Founded in 1857, this is the birthplace of California wine.

When Russians withdrew to Alaska in 1841, Captain Sutter bought the improvements and supplies. 7 BEAR FLAG MONUMENT - On June 14, 1846, the Bear Flag Party raised the Bear Flag on this spot and declared California free from Mexican rule. A., who had been sent to Sonoma from San Francisco by Commander John B. Location: Sonoma State Historic Park, 133 E Spain St, Sonoma NO.

The State acquired the fort in 1906 and the remaining buildings-Greek Orthodox Chapel, Commandant's Quarters, and Stockade-were restored. Following the raising of the American flag at Monterey July 7, 1846 by Commodore John Drake Sloat, on July 9 the Bear Flag was hauled down and the American flag raised in its place by Lieutenant Joseph W. 18 PETALUMA ADOBE - Vallejo’s Petaluma Adobe, Petaluma Adobe served as the center for General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo’s 66,000-acre working rancho from 1836-1846.

3 MISSION SAN FRANCISCO SOLANO - On July 4, 1823, Padre José Altamira founded this northernmost of California's Franciscan missions, the only one established in California under independent Mexico.

In 1834, secularization orders were carried out by Military Commandant M. Vallejo, and Mission San Francisco Solano became a parish church serving the Pueblo and Sonoma Valley until it was sold in 1881. VALLEJO HOME - The home of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, known as 'Lachryma Montis' (Tears of the Mountain), was built in 1850.

Location: Sonoma State Historic Park, NW corner of Spain at 1st St E, Sonoma NO. Its name was derived from the springs that now are the source of Sonoma's water supply.

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