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Dating seiko quartz dating mi

It was essential that Grand Seiko had the same bold, impressive and long hands that are part of the Grand Seiko signature.However, no existing quartz movement could generate enough torque to move such heavy hands, so the engineers developed the ingenious Twin Pulse Control Motor, capable of turning longer and heavier hands while preserving battery power.In a normal quartz movement, the second hand moves in a single step from one second to the next.In Caliber 9F, the second hand instead makes two consecutive steps per second, triggered by two successive pulse signals.

Combining superior functionality and meticulous detail, Caliber 9F takes the quartz watch into a new realm.

About Quartz Watches The first challenge that the Grand Seiko engineers faced was the issue of the hands.

"Taking quartz into a new realm." Quartz caliber 9F is astonishingly accurate, with gain/loss measured in just seconds per year, but time-keeping accuracy is just one aspect of the many that place it among the finest quartz movements in the world.

The Twin Pulse Control Motor allows the use of the long and wide hands for which Grand Seiko is known, an achievement that before 9F was only possible with the high torque of a mechanical movement.

The Backlash Auto-Adjust Mechanism enables the second hand to advance precisely with no shuddering, by incorporating a hairspring device traditionally used usually only in mechanical movements.

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The Instant Date Change Mechanism changes the date display in 1/2000th of a second.

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