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: Spain can be found on the Iberian peninsula in Europe, a piece of land it shares with Portugal and Gibraltar.It also has a border to the north-east with France and Andorra. Spain measures 505,992 square kilometers, making it the 51st biggest country in the world and the third biggest in Europe (after France and the Ukraine).It is slightly smaller than Thailand and a little bigger than Sweden.Spain has a larger area than California but less than Texas.Spain changed its timezone before World War II in order to align itself with Nazi Germany Capital: a href=" Population: Spain has nearly 45 million people, making it the 28th most populated country in the world and the sixth most populated country in Europe (after Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and the Ukraine).It has the lowest population density in Western Europe (excluding Scandinavia).Religion: The majority of Spaniards are Catholic, though Spain is a secular state. Parts of Spain were under Muslim rule until 1492 when the last Moorish king fell (in Granada). Biggest Cities (by population): Read about my Best Spanish Cities Spain's Autonomous Regions: Spain is divided into 19 autonomous regions: 15 mainland regions, two collections of islands and two city enclaves in North Africa.The biggest region is Castilla y Leon, followed by Andalusia.

Country Code: +34Timezone Spain's timezone is Central European Time (GMT+1), which many believe to be the wrong timezone for the country.

Neighboring Portugal is in GMT, as is the United Kingdom, which is geographically in line with the Spain.

This means that the sun rises later in Spain than in most other countries in Europe, and sets later, which probably partially accounts for Spain's vibrant late night culture.

At 94,000 square kilometers, it is roughly the size of Hungary. The full list is as follows (each region's capital is listed in brackets): Madrid (Madrid), Catalonia (Barcelona), Valencia (Valencia), Andalusia (Seville), Murcia (Murcia), Castilla-La Mancha (Toledo), Castilla y Leon (Valladolid), Extremadura (Merida), Navarra (Pamplona), Galicia (Santiago de Compostela), Asturias (Oviedo), Cantabria (Santander), Basque Country (Vitoria), La Rioja (Logroño), Aragon (Zaragoza), Balearic Islands (Palma de Mallorca), Canary Islands ( Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Santa Cruz de Tenerife).

Read about Spain's 19 Regions: From Worst to Best.

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