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Dating vintage jewelry by clasps Sexy senior chat line

Common findings would be hinges, pins, clasps and earring backs.As these findings evolved down through the ages, they have left behind a timeline which we can follow.One of the most common and accurate ways to date antique & vintage jewelry is to inspect the clasp.By comparing the clasp on the piece you are trying to date, with the findings charts.Antique jewelry, vintage jewelry or used jewelry are the three broad categories into which jewelry is divided.Antique jewelry is normally classed as any item of jewelry which is over 100 years old.Vintage jewelry is normally classed as more than 25 years old but less than 100 years old.Jewelry which is less than 25 years would normally be classed as used or secondhand.

This time frame is then further narrowed by examining other features of the item.

Such as the manufacturing process, style and materials used.

Antique & vintage jewelry is then subdivided into jewelry periods by age, which is illustrated in the chart above.

Dating antique & vintage jewelry is best done by a examining a number of features, starting with the findings.

Jewelry findings are the functional parts of jewelry.

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