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* “Why Most PUA/Dating Forums Are Completely Fucking Worthless,” from a guy running a PUA/Dating Forum; most guys running PUA/Dating Forums appear to say this about other guys running PUA/Dating Forums, making the claim that others are completely fucking worthless a cliché of the genre. * Peter Thiel on the innovation environment; comes out on Tuesday and you should read it.* Counterintuitive: “Bike lanes have actually sped up car traffic in New York City.” * “Is it okay to kill cyclists? S., the answer is largely “yes.” * “Elder Statesmen Declare a War on the ‘War on Drugs:’ What took them so long? * Peter Thiel Reddit AMA, and like the above it is consistently and exceptionally interesting.* The Fuji X100T is an interesting looking camera that very annoyingly does not have a tilting rear LCD. Singles can meet other local singles and discuss about all the issues regarding dating/marriage and love.We have helped thousands of Gothic singles to date other Gothic girls, Gothic boys, EMO girls or EMO boys.

There are other categories under which you can discuss off topics and fun related stuff as well.

I periodically import QIFs from Quicken for Mac 2007 Lion Compatible or Pocket Money Desktop into i Compta 5.

I want the transactions in the QIFs to retain the original dates in i Compta, but they are always changed to the date of import so I then have to go back a edit each transaction to display the correct date. Perhaps the dates could be corrected in the validation window?

That's certainly because the date format in the import settings window isn't appropriate for the file you're importing.

You can copy/paste a line with a date from the file and I'll tell you the date format to use.

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