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Basically, this “easy-going” attitude signals a woman that a man is the leader of his own life.2) He’s “Put Together” It’s true, a woman will never decide that a man might be “Mr.Right” just because he looks like Brad Pitt…but rest assured she’ll instantly rule him out if he doesn’t look “right”…caring about himself enough to attend to the basics of appearance which communicate a positive, healthy self-image.Even your body language communicates it…a confident man will literally, physically “lay back,” leaning back while keeping his body open and facing forward when conversing.A confident man also doesn’t obsess about what other people think or do.He doesn’t take it as an insult if someone doesn’t like him, or disagrees with him.Above all, he isn’t needy, clingy, and always trying to be the center of attention.

Right,” the first thing most women look for are sure signs of confidence.

More specifically, the four unmistakable, magnetic signals that confident men send a woman the moment they meet her.

Naturally, a man doesn’t need to show them all to get the attention of a great woman…but if he manages to show her just a few, chances drastically increase that she’ll start “feeling it” for him.

1) An “Easy-Going” Attitude Listen…“easy-going” does not mean being so laid back when you first meet a woman that you’re practically asleep.

It also doesn’t mean putting up with any kind of rude or inappropriate behavior.

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